Use the Advantages of the ACHAT Suite for Your Company

Use the Advantages of the ACHAT Suite for Your Company

Would you like a software all-rounder that can manage your communication precisely, flexibly scalable and independently of existing IT structures?

From authensis you get tailor-made, modularly expandable solutions. Benefit from our excellent technology experience in various industries such as contact centers, finance and insurance, market research, mail order, industry and information economy.

authensis ACHAT is used in more than 300 extensive installations in Europe and the USA. authensis maintains partnerships with specialized companies in the contact center environment and is additionally involved in associations such as the Contact Center Network e.V.. As a result, the customer always receives the right solution that is optimized precisely to his individual processes and requirements.


Whether via e-mail, chat, telephone or Twitter and Co. - ACHAT treats communication processes across different media basically the same. The different treatment in operations and statistics can, however, be freely configured.


Solutions are compiled from the individual ACHAT modules according to customer requirements and consider the necessary function set as well as the given infrastructure. If necessary, the solutions are supplemented with modules from partners.


The ACHAT suite is largely independent of platforms and IT environments:
ACHAT communicates with platforms via open standards (e.g. CSTA, SOAP, IMAP4, POP3, SMTP) and can also be used in environments that consist of platforms from different manufacturers. All voice technologies are treated equally. The server and client software run on the operating systems Windows and Linux. The servers can be largely virtualized, the clients are Citrix and Terminal Server ready. A large number of different connectors and open interfaces are available for the integration of leading CRM, ERP, WFM, IVR and other systems.

Investment Protection

The outstanding flexibility of our own development and service team enables us to respond quickly and individually to customer requests integrate existing customer solutions with ACHAT - be they legacy or standard solutions.

High Scalability

authensis ACHAT is freely scalable, starting with ten agent places (the reasonable minimum) up to 500 places and more per node, e.g. switch. ACHAT can also be connected to networks of switches or provider breakouts and can therefore be scaled as desired, also across country borders.

Made in Germany / Expertise

The satisfaction of our customers is really important to us: Use our expertise from over 20 years of market experience and excellent customer references across all industries! The ACHAT suite is used with over 300 larger than average installations in Europe and the USA. The main industries are finance and insurance, market research, mail order, contact centers, information economy and industry.
Our support is provided in German or English.


The special storage form of individual business transactions for statistical evaluations leads to unprecedented flexibility in determining KPI's for operational control, for business intelligence and for optimization.


The ACHAT suite is characterized by its own diagnostic functions, permanent logging in configurable detail levels and self-repairing functions. The suite also offers alarms to the customer and / or the sales channel remotely.



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