ACHAT Big Data and Predictive Analytics

ACHAT Modules

The sophisticated modules of ACHAT structure the communication, organize the workflow and support the management of service quality across all channels.

The modular design of the ACHAT platform yields high scalability in function and scope. All functionalities and requirements of a modern contact center are covered.

Big Data and Predictive Analytics

While traditional business intelligence deals with measuring, evaluating, analyzing and researching historical data, predictive analytics ventures a look into the future.

By creating and testing models, significant patterns in unstructured data (e.g. e-mail texts, contact frequencies) can be automatically recognized and evaluated in terms of the business strategy. Hidden correlations become visible.

The more holistic the amount of data on which the modeling is based, the better correlations are recognized. If transaction data from ERP and CRM systems and communication data and statistics from ACHAT are the common base of data mining the probability of the predictions is improved. So you can e.g. identify potential layoffs at an early stage, have a reliable basis for improving your business decisions and can take targeted, timely actions.

Another area of ​​application are e.g. cross-selling hints in active telemarketing. The individual offers are determined in real time during the agent's conversation with the customer, based on the patterns in the customer data ("Real Time Sccoring").

In this business area authensis as an IBM partner can integrate the IBM SPSS Modeler into the ACHAT solutions.

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