ACHAT E-Mail Route

ACHAT Modules

The sophisticated modules of ACHAT structure the communication, organize the workflow and support the management of service quality across all channels.

The modular design of the ACHAT platform yields high scalability in function and scope. All functionalities and requirements of a modern contact center are covered.

E-Mail Route

ACHAT E-Mail Route enhances the ACHAT ACD by distributing written business transactions that reach you via your service touchpoints. Unformatted e-mails, faxes, forms, documents are distributed just as quickly and precisely as incoming calls to the most suitable agent. Other media such as SMS can be integrated into your unified multichannel communication strategy.

Basically, all distribution functions for calls and their ad hoc control by supervisors are also available for  text-based business transactions. You can also prioritize the various communication channels differently, e.g. to provide media specific service levels. The supervisors - and the agent for himself, if he’s entitled to - can also modify the agent's media profile during operation.

Document distribution can also be configured individually using company databases.You can identify special or important customers and give them priority, or allocate foreign-language business transactions only to agents with the appropriate language skills.

Just as using the available phone for the conversation, the agent uses the available e-mail client for working on e-mails.
ACHAT E-Mail Route is available for all compatible e-mail systems via standardized interfaces (POP3, IMAP4, SMTP) and considers all relevant RFCs for addresses and bodies of the e-mails.

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