The sophisticated modules of ACHAT structure the communication, organize the workflow and support the management of service quality across all channels.

The modular design of the ACHAT platform yields high scalability in function and scope. All functionalities and requirements of a modern contact center are covered.

ACHAT Voice Route

Voice Route

ACHAT Voice Route is the ACD of authensis. Calls can reach you via one of the many service numbers, service e-mail addresses or other service touchpoints that you have provided to your customers.

Voice Route distributes each call as quickly as possible to the most appropriate available agent. The ACD is the basis for multichannel routing and for omnichannel service applications. 

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Voice applications enable voice self-service or DTMF data entry, entertain waiting callers, record conversations or provide information with constant friendliness.

Find out here about the advantages of ACHAT Audio in combination with the ACHAT ACD, e.g. for announcement management, special features of call recordings or automation of business processes.

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ACHAT Connect


ACHAT Connect integrates the other ACHAT modules with any other business applications, e.g. for customer relationship management (CRM), for enterprise ressource planning (ERP), the user help desks (UHD) or knowledge management.

Applications for personnel planning, for quality management or for self-service can also be integrated via this interface - well-known standard products as well as your own applications.

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Web CallMe

With ACHAT Web CallMe you can integrate buttons on any page of your website. By clicking them, the visitor of the website generates an automatic agent's call back.

Your visitor can not only determine the time of the call back, but also freely enter his phone number and already give the agent keywords on the topic.

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ACHAT Web Chat

Web Chat

ACHAT provides several methods to your website to request a chat, e.g. implicitly by opening a page, or explicitly by clicking a chat button.

While chatting, visitors and agents can also exchange files, such as completed forms or pictures, which are relevant in the specific case (and which correspond to your IT security policy).

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ACHAT Voice Dial

Voice Dial

ACHAT Voice Dial generates outgoing calls and distributes them to the agent. The ACHAT Dialer relieves your agents of manually dialing the numbers and of waiting for the connection.

The dialer also automatically filters out busy connections and dialed fax machines, modems and answering machines.

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ACHAT Data yields guidelines for the conversation of your campaigns, both inbound and outbound.

Define scripts and first screens with a WYSIWYG editor. Import the contact details into the ACHAT database or set up your campaign management directly on your ERP database.

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ACHAT E-Mail Route

E-Mail Route

ACHAT E-Mail Route enhances the ACHAT ACD by distributing written business transactions that reach you via your service touchpoints.

Unformatted e-mails, faxes, forms, documents are distributed just as quickly and precisely as incoming calls to the most suitable agent.Other media such as SMS can be integrated into your unified multichannel communication strategy.

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ACHAT Statistics


ACHAT Statistics yields an eagle's view on your business communication. This module offers extensive standard statistics, a large amount of available data for individual statistics, internal arithmetic and a configuration tool.

All events of the ACHAT-controlled workflow are recorded as raw data and can be evaluated afterwards according to individual criteria.

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ACHAT Big Data und Predictive Analytics

Big Data and Predictive Analytics

While traditional business intelligence deals with measuring, evaluating, analyzing and researching historical data, predictive analytics ventures a look into the future.

By creating and testing models, significant patterns in unstructured data (e.g. email texts, contact frequencies) can be automatically recognized and evaluated in terms of the business strategy. Hidden correlations become visible.

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