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All concepts of authensis consider your requirements as well as the jointly developed ideas. This can include existing systems, as well as systems that you provide for procurement, and individual components. Our consulting services can also include implementation.

The implementation strategy, combined with intensive discussions with the people involved, is the core of our project management. This ensures the acceptance of the authensis solution among its users. Our extensive partner network therefore also includes renowned business psychologists, telecommunication consultants and system integrators.

authensis Consultancy Packages

  • Analysis of the existing situation 
  • Conception along your business goals 
  • Profitability calculation 
  • Preparation of requirements and system specifications
  • Implementation strategies to increase acceptance 
  • Project management (economic and timely implementation) 
  • Training courses and seminars 

Benefits for authensis Customers

  • Practical advice with a view on all relevant technical and organizational areas of your company 
  • Integration of already installed systems with the system-independent authensis modules 
  • Implementation of your requirements with state-of-the-art modules for multimedia contact centers 
  • Consultancy even after implementation: Optimal adaptation of your contact center to the changing requirements

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Stephan Schopf


Stephan Schopf
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