ACHAT Connect

ACHAT Modules

The sophisticated modules of ACHAT structure the communication, organize the workflow and support the management of service quality across all channels.

The modular design of the ACHAT platform yields high scalability in function and scope. All functionalities and requirements of a modern contact center are covered.


ACHAT Connect integrates the other ACHAT modules with any other business applications, e.g. for customer relationship management (CRM), for enterprise ressource planning (ERP), for user help desks (UHD) or knowledge management. Applications for personnel planning, for quality management or for self-service can also be integrated via this interface - well-known standard products as well as your own applications.

Your agents automatically receive relevant customer data at the beginning of the conversation or the processing of the business transaction (inbound / outbound "screen pop").

Together with the conversation or business transaction, the agents can pass on data that has already been collected to your specialists for final processing ("screen transfer"). The caller does not have to explain everything again, your specialist already has a picture of the current business transaction and saves valuable time.

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