The management of customer communications often begins with call management before looking at other channels.

ACHAT EXPRESS is an entry-level solution for call management for up to 20 workstations that provides the full capabilities of the ACHAT ENTERPRISE ACD and ACHAT ENTERPRISE IVR.

ACHAT EXPRESS = Voice Route + Audio

In detail, ACHAT EXPRESS offers the following quantities and functions

  • Up to 10 service numbers that allow calls to be received on various topics, in up to 10 distribution queues
  • Call distribution to up to 20 workplaces, which can be combined in up to 10 teams
  • The detailed real-time display for up to 5 supervisors
  • Up to 5 dashboards for quick and clear information, e.g. for the management, at the reception or in common rooms
  • Connection to an ACHAT-compatible PBX
  • Automatic acceptance and processing of incoming calls by the IVR - customized announcements, pre-qualification for optimized distribution, recording of voice mails for subsequent distribution by the ACD
  • Operation control by up to 5 supervisors
  • Information about the status of additional telephone extensions
  • Database routing - using the callers' phone numbers
  • Real time display of the business communication
  • Statistics about any past periods
  • Time controlled automatic reconfiguration of the system - e.g. to nighttime and back to daytime operation

ACHAT EXPRESS can be converted into a fully-featured ACHAT ENTERPRISE solution at any time.

The simple calculation enables authensis sales partners to autonomously create offerings for their clientele after a brief introduction. During the implementation and lifetime of the solution, sales partners can also draw on the authensis professional service as required. 

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