ACHAT Modules

The sophisticated modules of ACHAT structure the communication, organize the workflow and support the management of service quality across all channels.

The modular design of the ACHAT platform enables high scalability in function and scope. All functionalities and requirements that are placed on a modern contact center are covered.


Voice applications enable voice self-service or DTMF data entry, entertain waiting callers, record conversations or provide information with constant friendliness.

Find out here about the advantages of ACHAT Audio in combination with the ACHAT ACD, e.g. for announcement management, special features of call recordings or automation of business processes.

  • Always friendly announcements, e.g. for an immediate answer and welcoming of the caller, including the expected waiting time.
  • Serving of callers outside normal working hours or when the agents are overloaded. Your caller can also leave a voice mail, e.g. with a call back request. This voice mail can be automatically distributed to the next free agent for quick processing.
  • Pre-qualification of callers for quicker handling. With this you can e.g. reduce agent referrals.
  • Recording of conversations. Audio can automatically ask your callers for their approval and record them including their opt-in. If configured, the agent's conversation channel can also be recorded separately.
  • Automation of work processes with reduced complexity (e.g. recording the customer number) through data entry via DTMF.
  • Automatic attendant console.
  • Automatic information system.
  • Termination of calls, always friendly.
  • Switching and querying the agent's state.

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