ACHAT Voice Route

ACHAT Modules

The sophisticated modules of ACHAT structure the communication, organize the workflow and support the management of service quality across all channels.

The modular design of the ACHAT platform yields high scalability in function and scope. All functionalities and requirements of a modern contact center are covered.

Voice Route

ACHAT Voice Route is the ACD of authensis. Calls can reach your agents via one of the many service numbers, service e-mail addresses or other service touchpoints that you have provided to your customers. 

Voice Route distributes each call as quickly as possible to the most appropriate available agent. The agent may be a person (e.g., with his or her skills) or a workstation on which the agent is anonymous (e.g., due to the valid works agreement). 

While distributing business transactions, Voice Route matches many individual aspects of the current situation and the transaction with the skills of the agents available. VIPs can be identified and be given preferential treatment, or business transactions in foreign languages can be distributed to agents with the appropriate language skills (skill-based routing).

Your supervisors control the routing and handling of the business transactions waiting ad hoc during operation, without any programming knowledge.authensis ACHAT Voice Route is available for all leading communication servers and PBXs, even in mixed configurations. It runs on Windows and Linux operating systems, also virtualized.

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