Supervisory board

authensis AG is delighted to welcome well known and skilful experts as members of its supervisory board.

Prof. Dr. Günter-Ulrich TolkiehnProf. Dr. Günter-Ulrich Tolkiehn
Chairman of the supervisory board

Dr. Günter-Ulrich Tolkien has been working in the time period from 1982 throughout 1993 for the mid sized company Stollmann which is a development enterprise in the segment of communication technology, located in Hamburg. From 1986 he was in a leading position and became managing director in 1991 to reorganize the company. In 1993 he founded the management consulting company Tolkien & Partner Managementberatung TeleCommunication. The company is primarily focused on the issues contact center solutions, CRM, and VoIP technology. In 1996 Mr. Tolkien was appointed professor at the technical university of applied science (TFH) in Wildau.

Dr. Frank-Peter PoschmannDr. Frank-Peter Poschmann
Member of the supervisory board

Dr. Frank-Peter Poschmann is co-founder of the NOVEDAS consulting company which he heads since 1998 as managing director. He is also member of the managing board of the NOVEDAS Holding AG. Before that time period he has been working as a consultant at Perot Systems and as managing director of ENATOR Nord GmbH (today’s TietoEnator). He has been engaged for many years with issues like management consulting and project management for call and service center and for IT service management.

Dr. Volker PukeDr. Volker Puke
Member of the supervisory board

Dr. Volker Puke was managing director of TietoEnator Germany GmbH (former Enator Germany GmbH) in the time period from 1988 throughout 2004. The Swedish and Finnish IT service company currently employs up to 16,000 employees worldwide and about 1,200 in Germany. Under the direction of Dr. Puke the German subsidiary of TietoEnator was focussed on the market segments telecommunication, financial services as well as travel and transportation. Beyond these specific segments the company’s main issues in general had been contact center and communication management. Today Dr. Puke works as managing director of the consulting company CPL in Hamburg.