Call and Contact Centers typically are one of the most sensitive IT infrastructure components in the vertical markets authensis addresses. Because of the high reliability of the authensis ACHAT suite many market leaders rely on our products and solutions. The option of redundant components could increase the up time even further.

authensis already has more than 250 ACHAT systems installed with a large variety of projects of different sizes and complexity. The main vertical markets include banking and insurance companies, mail order houses, telemarketers, and market research companies. Besides Germany, authensis products already are deployed in several other countries, including Sweden, UK, The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Italy and the U.S.A. 

From the very beginning, authensis developed partnerships with companies offering supplemental products. These products include among others interactive voice responses (IVRs), workforce management tools (WFM), customer relationship management systems (CRM) and even enterprise resource planning systems (ERP).