Data Collection Made Easier: authensis ACHAT Dialer for IBM SPSS Data Collection

27. February 2012 - 0:00 -- admin

Leading German and international market research institutes rely for their efficient data collection already on the authensis ACHAT dialer technology. This is e.g. connecting to NIPO Odin and SPSS Quancept, widespread systems for data collection by telephone (CATI) in market research.

As an independent company, in the past SPSS supported data collection by phone through its own dialer technology.

After the acquisition of SPSS by IBM, IBM announced that the SPSS dialer technology support will be discontinued in the near future. authensis has taken the opportunity to become an IBM partners in this field and announces its ACHAT dialer technology now available for SPSS Data Collection, too. Data Collection is one of four central components of the IBM SPSS Predictive Analytics technology. With predictive analytics, which emerged from the business intelligence processes and methods, many companies are forecasting the development of business-relevant metrics for the near future.

"With this integration, we expand the number of compatible systems for the use of authensis dialer technology significantly. And this both nationally and internationally. So. authensis technology improves the collection of data to predict future developments, "says Klaus-J. Zschaage, Chairman of the Munich high tech company. "These data bases are essential for save quantitative forecasts as the basis of better business decisions."

The servers and clients in the authensis ACHAT solutions can be used depending on need and preference in a mixed mode of Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, and are fully scalable.