ACHAT App for Mobile Call Center Managers or Team Leaders

13. September 2011 - 0:00 -- admin

So far, the call center management or team leaders controlling and monitoring the call center were always tied to their desks. With the new ACHAT iControl app, authensis now offers to its customers a clear and mobile monitoring of the call center operations. The management or the sales force while traveling, or even the call center manager or team leader while in meetings may thus stay always informed about the key figures they are responsible for.

The app provides the mobile user almost all currently available operating information from the ACHAT supervisor desktop client, e.g. in superimposed time lines for a set of selected indicators. The user - for example the manager between two dates – has at any time the current indicators (such as service level, waiting times, team workload, etc.) in view and can act accordingly. Zoom functions are available down to the single figure of a single service, queue or team.

Currently active alarms, its numbers and causes are displayed, even in the tab and in the app icon.

A clear cockpit function with graphical visualization of key metrics in the form of speedometers, thermometers or time lines is also included.

The authensis AG introduces the new iControl app for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch to enable mobile monitoring for the ACHAT ACD. Through the consistent use of the device functions such as gesture recognition, animation or orientation, the app is self-explanatory and intuitive.