ACHAT - Modules

The ACHAT modules organize the workflow and support the management of service quality in the call and contact center.


The Connect module offers Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and integrates the other ACHAT modules with more applications e.g. CRM or ERP systems, work force management applications or IVRs or voice logging systems.

Voice Route

The Voice Route module is the Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) of authensis and distributes all incoming calls as fast as possible to the best suitable agent. VIP customers for example can be identified and be treated accordingly. Skill Based Routing looks for particularly qualified agents.

Voice Dial

Voice Dial is the automatic dialing module and generates outgoing connections. It relieves the agent from dialing, by processing whole call campaigns automatically with predictive and power dialing algorithms and applying preview where appropriate. Fax devices, modems, busy or no-answer are filtered automatically.


ACHAT Data is the authensis campaign management module for incoming and outgoing calls. Data arranges the import of customer data files into the supplied PostgreSQL or Oracle data bases, agents could follow a script provided by Data and can set up own campaigns. Data could also be connected to customer own applications via CTI link.


Audio is the announcement server of the ACHAT suite and a supporting module for incoming calls. Audio contents the announcement management, recorded massages and an agent voice mail system. Beyond that Audio can be used as automatic attendant console.

E-Mail Route

The module E-Mail Route distributes automatically incoming e-mails just as fast and precise as incoming calls. Together with appropriate hardware automatic distribution of incoming faxes, SMS, voice mails is provided, too.

Web CallMe

The Web CallMe module enables web sites to offer Web Call Back functions. By clicking an appropriate button on the web site an automatic call of an agent at the customer is initiated. So the agent can give e.g. online assistance or answer questions. 

Web Collaborate

The Web Collaborate module is the basis for the online chat as well as for the online collaboration between the customer and the agent. Agents and customer join at same time the same web site. All inputs, movements and page changes apply to both.


The Evaluate module is an extensive module for traffic measurement and evaluation. The data files hold all events of each single call flow and work flow and are evaluated afterwards according to specific individual criteria. This procedure is the basis for an unbeatable flexibility of this statistics module.

Working and Controlling Clients

The client modules Work, Control, and Admin show to the agents, supervisors, respectively system administrator their operational environment in real time. This increases the process quality considerably, because the work flow status of individual agents or teams is clearly and permanently visible in detail. The supervisor has a variety of additional functions, e.g. setting alarm criteria, defining communication flows, de/activating agents, or produce statistics.